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CG Resources

Here you'll find resources for our Community Groups at Cross of Grace Church, including CG studies for each semester. 

Community Group Leader Training 

CG Groups System 

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Summer Community Group Bible Studies 

This summer we will look deeper into Jonah, while at the same time looking at other stories from Scripture either comparing to or contrasting with Jonah and his tale of disobedience to and exasperation with God and how we see ourselves in that same position with the Lord of all.

  • Summer Study -- Lesson 1: Rebellion [PDF] [DOC]
  • Summer Study -- Lesson 2: Futility [PDF] [DOC]
  • Summer Study -- Lesson 3: Salvation [PDF] [DOC]
  • Summer Study -- Lesson 4: Witness [PDF] [DOC]
  • Summer Study -- Lesson 5: Religion [PDF] [DOC]
  • Summer Study -- Lesson 6: Obedience [PDF] [DOC]