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Cross of Grace Women

Cross of Grace Women

Our womens ministry exists to help women at Cross of Grace disciple, and be discipled by, other women.


The ministry serves women in two main ways:

  • First, we provide corporate events to gather and equip all the ladies at the church. We usually hold a major corporate gathering every winter, spring and fall with a few smaller events sprinkled in. These include our Annual Women's Winter Brunch in January, a special women's event in the spring and our annual Coffee Kickoff Event in the fall. 
  • Second, we facilitate small group Bible studies among the women at the church. These usually run during our Community Group semesters in the fall and spring and are held in various locations around town. We finished our spring studies, but check back in the fall for information about our fall studies.



spirit LED blog

For those who missed or were not able to attend our very first Spirit LED Talk, we missed you! But there's good news! We have posted the audio recordings from the event on our Sermons page

Also, here are the 5 Questions Dr. Tim Keller asks of a biblical text as he reads it for himself that we mentioned during our Talk.

  1. How can I praise him?
  2. How can I confess my sins on the basis of this text?
  3. If this is really true, what wrong behavior, what harmful emotions or false attitudes result in me when I forget this? Every problem is because you have forgotten something. What problems are you facing?
  4. What should I be aspiring to on the basis of this text?
  5. Why is God telling me this today?




Great News! Pastor Ricky's teaching from our women's seminar on biblical womanhood is available to listen or download on our sermons page. Everything we believe and do as a Women's ministry builds off of this foundational teaching so if you weren't able to attend or need help understanding how women uniquely display the image of God, we invite you to check it out!


Have further questions about our Women's Ministry? Send us an email!